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Jharkhand Academic Council

Jharkhand Board Class 12th (Intermediate) Arts Exam Results 2017

  JAC class 12 arts results 2017 will be announced anytime soon. Candidates can remain in touch to get the latest updates on the same. You’re done with your exams and now it’s that time of the year when you’re anxiously ( more)

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About Jharkhand Board Class 12th (Intermediate) Arts Exam Results 2017


JAC class 12 arts results 2017 will be announced anytime soon. Candidates can remain in touch to get the latest updates on the same.

You’re done with your exams and now it’s that time of the year when you’re anxiously waiting for the results. With each passing day, students from the Jharkhand Academic Council (Jharkhand board) are getting more nervous, wondering how their result will be.  JAC class 12 arts results 2017 will be announced very soon, and this is when students will be able to take a sigh of relief.

There is no official information on the Jharkhand board class 12 arts results from the council yet. The unavailability of a supposed date for the result has created additional unease in the minds of the students. Until the Jharkhand Academic Council has announced a final date for the declaration of result, the student should stay away from rumours and speculations, which would suggest different dates.

If you’re waiting for the announcement of JAC class 12 arts results 2017, your long and difficult wait for the result could end in May. If the reports coming out of the Jharkhand Academic Council is anything to go by, the Board is believed to be planning to declare the Jharkhand board arts result 2017 soon. Speculations are that the result would be announced towards the end of May 2017.

The days after the exams and before the JAC class 12 arts results 2017 are full of anxiety and stress for most students. Most of this pressure and stress is because of the unrealistic expectations that students set for themselves. Jharkhand Academic Council usually takes around a month after the completion of the intermediate exams to process Jharkhand board class 12 arts results.

As soon as the result is announced, usually in the last week of May; students will be able to check their results online. In addition to just checking the details of their marks, the students will be able to download or print their result for future reference. JAC class 12 arts results 2017 will be announced late next month, but the stress and pressure are evident of students waiting for their result.

There are different ways to relieve the stress – some would suggest taking a break and forgetting about it totally. This is interesting, but students find it difficult to detach themselves from the fact that their result is awaited. Thus, the best way of relieving this result stress is by looking at the key statistics and figures from the last year’s Jharkhand intermediate arts result. For your benefit, we have provided the information below.

In 2016, a total of about 1,85,407 students appeared for the Jharkhand Board Class 12th (Intermediate) Arts Exam. The result officially announced by the Jharkhand board from Ranchi office on May 28, 2016, reported 74.19 percent of students has qualified the exam (1,37,554 students qualified in the exam). According to JAC, Jharkhand board class 12 arts results was better than the result of other streams, but the overall pass percentage was lesser than 81.36 percent recorded in 2015. The decline in the pass percentage was presumed to be because of two reasons – stringent examination and strict anti-cheating policies of the board. JAC class 12 arts results 2017 is believed to have a better pass percentage in comparison to the previous years.

In 2016, out of the total qualified students, 8,825 passed with first division. 91,589 in the second division, while a total of 37,139 passed in the third division. Out of the passing students, 76.32 percent were girls while 71.33 percent of them were boys.

Steps to Check Jharkhand Board Class 12 Result 2017

Here are the steps of how you can check the Jharkhand Board Class 12 Result 2017 and download or print the same for your reference -

1. Fill in your information such as your Roll Number, name etc.

2. Click on the ‘submit’ button, and the JAC 12th Arts Result 2017 will be displayed on the screen

3. You can take a printout of your result for future references until you are issued your mark sheet

Some Important features and facts about the Board:

JAC class 12 arts results 2017 will be declared in the third or the fourth week of May. Generally, the Jharkhand board class 12 arts results are declared in the third week of May, and speculations are that the result for 2017 will also be released around the same time.

When the board releases the result, the board also gives students an option to get their marks and papers re-evaluated and re-checked.

Students can opt for re-evaluation and re-checking if they are not satisfied with the result or in case they suspect any discrepancy.

After the JAC class 12 arts results 2017, students can apply for re-evaluation and re-checking by applying to the board on a prescribed Performa.


Jharkhand board previous year results key highlights

Rajasthan Board 10th Results 2016 Statistics


Boys %

Girls %

Total Students










About Jharkhand board

The Jharkhand Academic Council was established in 2003. It is the body responsible for conducting the annual examination for Secondary, Intermediate, Sanskrit (Madhyama) and Madarsas Education. Schools under JAC are prescribed with CBSE curriculum pattern. There are various Orientation Courses, workshops and training conducted to educate teachers so that they can impart the correct curriculum to the students.

Jharkhand Academic Council is enacted by the Jharkhand State Legislature and it came into existence with the cancellation of the Bihar School Examination Board Act, 1952, Bihar Sanskrit Education Board Act, 1981, Bihar Board of Madrasa Education Board Acts, 1981 and Bihar Intermediate Education Council Act, 1992.  

In the meantime, when JAC class 12 arts results 2017 is announced by the Jharkhand Academic Council, students should remain calm and not get carried away or hassled by rumours.

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