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Gujarat Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board

Gujarat Board 10th Result 2017

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board will be declaring Gujarat Board 10th Result in either the fag end of May or first week of June. Stay tuned to this online space for updates. Introduction For students anticipating Gujarat Board 10th ( more)

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About Gujarat Board 10th Result 2017

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board will be declaring Gujarat Board 10th Result in either the fag end of May or first week of June. Stay tuned to this online space for updates.


For students anticipating Gujarat Board 10th Result, the wait is transitory. Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board (GSHEB) will more likely come up with class 10th results in line with its academic schedule. Though the board is tight-lipped, insiders opine that results will be declared in either the fag end of May or first week of June, which is also in line with GSHEB’s academic calendar. Apparently, students have to endure a just couple of days more to know how they fared in the state level public examination.  

It is worth mentioning that GSHEB class 10 examinations went underway from 15th March and concluded on 25th March. As the insiders tell us, the evaluation of answer sheets is nearing completion and compilation process is about to commence subsequent to which GSEB SSC result will be made public. The board is up with elaborate measures to ensure quick output of the processes without compromising on the quality. However, if the student is dissatisfied with the result, he/she can apply for rechecking and revaluation within a specified timeframe. 

Since Gujarat Board 10th Result is yet to unfold, rumour mills are working overtime only to spread fallacy. Since students are already under a tremendous pressure, any rumour can add to their woes and lead to a quandary. Thanks to HTCampus, candidates can keep such rumours at bay conveniently. We will be featuring current updates and policy changes, if any, on GSEB SSC result as they happen. Additionally, we will be offering exam results via a self-explanatory and conveniently navigable webpage as soon as they are made public by the concerned board. 

Steps to Check Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board Class 10 Results 2017

Gujarat Board 10th Result 2017 will be available via online and offline modes alike to cater to the candidate’s convenience. Herein, the student is at liberty to either visit his school or use gadgets to access results. If he prefers accessing GSEB SSC result 2017 digitally, which is the new norm in the technology-obsessed society, the following steps need to be adhered to for a prompt and convenient experience.

Click on the 10th Results tab

Type in the Roll number

Click on the submit button and GSEB SSC result will be visible instantly  

Clicking on the ‘Print’ button and accessing the result’s hard copy is always advisable. The printout may not be a legit archive but it can come good as a document for orientation purposes.

However, candidates can also the Gujarat Board 10th Result through HTCampus and rest assured of great user experience with a simple process, user-friendly interface and robust servers. Our portal is highly responsive, which serves as a guarantee for easy result access via gadgets and PCs alike. Additionally, we take the labour to cross-verified results prior to feeding them into the system, and hence, visitors can expect accurate and reliable information at all times. The deluge of result seekers that we received last year testifies our claims.

Some Important features and facts about the Board

Besides being one of the select education boards with a good showing, Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board has a set of other peculiarities that makes it stand out. Let’s find out few of such distinguishing features.

  • GSHSEB came into existence in 1972 via legislation. This is exactly 12 years subsequent to the formation of the state of Gujarat.
  • The state body has a long list of authorities, each of which contributes to the effective management of the board’s core competencies, including GSEB SSC result.
  • At the helm of affairs at GSHSEB is the Chairman. Following in the hierarchy are Deputy Chairman and Secretary. Each of the posts is reserved for senior civil servants.
  • Currently, Shri R. R. Varsani is serving as the Chairman, while Shri H. K. Patel and Shri M. I. Joshi occupy the posts of Deputy Chairman and Secretary respectively. 
  • The board performs all its tasks in Gujarati and Hindi.
  • GSHSEB has done remarkably well in incorporating futuristic thinking into the academic vision of Gujarat.

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board Previous Year Results, Key Highlights

It pays to stay informed, they say. As such, getting the measure of previous year GSHSEB class 10 results is crucial for candidates in anticipation of Gujarat Board 10th Result. If analysed with a nuance, the previous year results are a treasure trove of knowledge. The students can get to know about the strictness of marking and the details of the evaluation process. The inferences thus gained empower students to estimate their scores and make appropriate career decisions.

GSER 10th Results Statistics of the previous 3 years

Serial No


Boys %

Girls %

Total pass percentage
















Based on the above-stated stats, we are putting together a set of generalisations.

  • The total pass percentage is progressive with each passing year indicating the spread of education.
  • As per the trends, experts are expecting the total pass percentage to jump to 89 percent or even beyond in Gujarat Board 10th Result 2017. 
  • The girl students managed to outperform their male counterparts in the year 2016, which is an encouraging sign for women empowerment. 

About Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education Board, more often referred to as GSHEB, is an autonomous, statuary body functioning under the aegis of the Department of Education Gujarat. Established in 1970 via legislation, the state education board is guiding the education system in the state. It prepares guidelines for affiliated government and private schools, creates the syllabus, in addition to conducting, supervising class 10 and class 12 exams twice in a given year. Besides delivering Gujarat Board 10th Result, the board also provides appropriate certificates to the qualifying students across the state and beyond.

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