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Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan

Rajasthan Board Class 10th (SSC) Exam Results 2017

Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan, often referred to as BSER, has declared class 10th results on 08 June 2017. If you wish to access BSER Class 10 result or any other relevant information, we will keep you informed. Rajasthan Board Class 10 ( more)

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About Rajasthan Board Class 10th (SSC) Exam Results 2017

Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan, often referred to as BSER, has declared class 10th results on 08 June 2017. If you wish to access BSER Class 10 result or any other relevant information, we will keep you informed.

Rajasthan Board Class 10th (SSC) Results 2017- Check on

Candidates who are done with their secondary exams often have to endure a tough time when waiting for results. Such students are more often overwhelmed by the sheer curiosity of knowing about how they fared in this public exam. The fact that the marks thus achieved will set the trajectory for their career and future lifestyle justifies the sense of curiosity. However, for Rajasthan students, the wait may be short lived. The Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan is about to declare BSER Class 10 result as per its academic schedule. Though the board maintains a cryptic silence about the precise date, insiders tell us that the results are likely to be out in the month of June 2017.

BSER conducted the Matric exam from 9th March to 21st March 2017 in thousands of centres across Rajasthan with an attendance of over 13 lakh students. Given the staggering number of candidates, the board will have to burn the midnight oil to ensure timely declaration of the Rajasthan board class 10 result 2017. As of now, a sizeable team of examiners is busy evaluating the exam booklets, following which the compilation process will come into effect. Going beyond the norm, BSER is employing the latest technology to ensure quick output of the process. Tentatively, the board will be in a position to declare the much-anticipated result by 19th June 2017, which is in sync with its academic calendar.

If you too are a candidate expecting BSER class 10 result, chances are that rumours doing the rounds, which are a common sight in such situations, might be causing you concern. The ever-pervading knowledge deficit may aggravate the situation further, making you experience jitters. In such an event, staying informed is the key. Therefore, it will be in your interest to be a regular visitor to BSER’s official website, where you can access credible, up to the minute information on everything there is to know. You can also log on to this website to satiate your curiosities and remain informed.

Steps to Check BSER Class 10 Results:

BSER class 10 result will be made available via both online and offline modes to facilitate an easy access. Due to the penetration of technology into all spheres of our lives, checking results online is a convenient and easily accessible option. You surely don’t want to heighten your anxiety levels waiting for the result to show at your school’s display board, when you can just access it from your Smartphone at the time and place of convenience. Additionally, the self-explanatory interface of the BSER website will further your experience, providing you with another reason to get access to BSER class 10 result digitally. However, if the concept of online result checking is still alien to you, then follow the steps mentioned below.    

1. Input your name or roll number and other required information mentioned in the online form

2. Once you enter the required information, wait for a while.

3. Following which, your Rajasthan Board class 10 result 2017 will appear on the screen.

If BSER class 10 result is not up to your expectations, feel free to apply for re-checking or re-evaluation. To this end, you have to submit a formal request to the board in writing and deposit a nominal fee. As per the rule, the board will consider your request at the earliest and do the needful.

Some Important features and facts about the Board:

Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan is a universe in itself, with a set of features that distinguish it from other state bodies of similar nature. Mentioned below are few such features.

1. BSER came into existence in 1957, a year after Rajasthan attained statehood under the Union of India. It came into being through an act passed in Rajasthan state assembly.

2. With the affiliation of over 6000 primary, middle, and secondary schools, BSER is one of the biggest state education boards in India.

3. The Rajasthan board is headquartered in the city of Ajmer.  This is in contrast to other state boards that are located in their respective state capitals.

4. The top two posts on the board that of Chairman and Administrator are reserved for IAS officers. Presently, BL Chaudhry and Meghna Chaudhry occupy the coveted posts respectively. 

5. BSER’s official languages are Hindi and English.

Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan Previous Year Results, Key Highlights

As the previous three years BSER class 10 results indicate, there is a lack of any consistent pattern. The total pass percentage in 2014 jumped from 66.69 percent to 77.87 in 2015 that fell down to 76.02 in the subsequent year. Contrary to the previous years, girls outperformed their counterparts in 2016, a trend that many believe will continue this year as well.

BSER 10th Results Statistics of the previous 3 years: 

Serial No


Boys %

Girls %

Total pass percentage
















About Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan:

With the base of operations in Ajmer, Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan is an autonomous body functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Education, Rajasthan. Birthed in 1957 via an act, the board has affiliations with over 6000 schools all across the state. BSER’s core competencies include supervise, conduct, and regulate all schools and conduct secondary and senior secondary level exams twice a year. Apart from declaring BSER class 10 result, the board also offers appropriate certifications to the qualified students.


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