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Bihar School Examination Board

Bihar Board Class 10th (Matric) Exam Results 2017

Bihar School Examination Board, more often referred to as BSEB, is an autonomous government body responsible for carrying out the public examination at the end of the Secondary School stage, annually. Sticking to its core competency, BSEB conducted s ( more)

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About Bihar Board Class 10th (Matric) Exam Results 2017

Bihar School Examination Board, more often referred to as BSEB, is an autonomous government body responsible for carrying out the public examination at the end of the Secondary School stage, annually. Sticking to its core competency, BSEB conducted secondary certificate board exam from 1st March to 8th March, 2017. Keeping in perspective, the anticipation of exam takers, the board plans to come up with the Bihar Board class 10 result 2017 sooner than later. Though BSEB is yet to announce the exact date, the speculations are ripe that the said results will be out in the last week of May 2017, which is in line with the board’s academic schedule.

Currently, the evaluation process is underway, subsequent to which BSEB class 10 Result compilations will take place. Since stakes are high, the board has a challenging task of speeding up the processes without compromising on quality. For students, the wait may seem endless. A majority of them will be experiencing anxiety, which is normal in the post-examination scenario. However, it is advisable for such students to steer clear from any parental or peer pressure, failing which anxiety may give way to serious mental conditions. Additionally, involvement in recreational activities is also recommended.   

Steps to Check Bihar Board Class 10 Results 2017:

Bihar School Examination Board will make BSEB class 10 Result available via offline and online resources alike to ensure a better outreach. With the easy availability of computing devices and internet, checking results online is the new norm. Long wait for the gazette to arrive, which is the case with offline results, is a passé. The exam takers of the day have taken a liking for the convenience and promptness that comes by default when checking results online. If you too prefer checking BSEB 10th class result 2017 online, a proper knowledge of the applicable procedure is what you might be seeking. So, go on reading and get enlightened.

Some Important features and facts about the Board:

Bihar School Examination Board has its share of peculiarities that differentiate it from the other state education boards. Few of them find mention below.

Came into existence in the year 1952, Bihar School Examination Board continues to function under the aegis of Government of Bihar since then. 

As is the case with the majority of state education boards in North India, BSEB’s official language is Hindi. However, English also enjoys the same status.

Currently, Anand Kishor (IAS) chairs the board while Anup Kumar Sinha is serving as a secretary.  

BSEB has the services of about 700 employees, which is slated to go up in the times to come.

In the wake of toppers fraud, BSEB has its share of bad press as well. Additionally, the board made it to national headlines when it suspended 22 officials for being absent from the duty.

Thanks to the proposed grants by the state government, BSEB, which is presently going cheap on infrastructure, plans to reverse the sorry state of affairs.

Investments are more likely to be made on modern equipment and other infrastructural development projects.

Bihar School Examination Board Previous Year Results, Key Highlights:

Previous year BSEB class 10 Result stats have an undeniable significance. Besides being a measure of the state’s education standards, the stats provide a fair indication of what the future has in store for you. They allow you, as an aspirant, to bring nuance to your approach, remain ahead of the competition and shape career in tangible ways. That said, analysing and inferring results is always a time and labour intensive affair. Therefore, we rest the prerogative to do the hard work and keep you informed and competitive.

Bihar School Examination Board 10th Results Statistics of the previous 3 years: 


Serial No


Boys %

Girls %

Total Students
















If the BSEB class 10 Result trends are something to go by, Bihar’s education scenario is showing an upward trend.

The number of candidates appearing for the secondary exam is progressive with each passing year.

Going from 70.97 percent to 75.15 in 2016, the overall pass percentage also paints a rosy picture. 

However, when compared with the overall pass percentage that other state boards across India are consistently delivering, the figures fail to impress.

The girls played a second fiddle to boys in the BSEB class 10 Results in 2014, 2015 and prior years. However, they managed to edge out the boys in the previous year convincingly. This is indicative of a positive trend where girls are taking their education as seriously as the other chores they are expected to accomplish in this part of the world.

About Bihar School Examination Board:               

Based in Patna, Bihar School Examination Board is a statuary body dedicated to promoting secondary education in Bihar. As such, it conducts secondary certificate exams twice a year –   February-March and August-September. Besides evaluating students’ performance and delivering BSEB class 10 Result, the board provides certificates to qualified candidates, create study courses, and prescribe syllabus for all schools under its umbrella. Additionally, conducting departmental examinations on a consistent basis is also a key responsibility of BSEB.     

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